The Birth of a Dream
It all starts with a small restaurant, LE FERICIEN, near Fontainebleau, installed in the old cottage of Françoise’s parents. A faithful family type clientele. The location is quiet and rustic but quickly this sweet quietness gives way to invasion … … the neighboring fields turn into lots for real estate construction …

The Decision
Start looking for new horizons … at seaside … searching other adventures …

The Hand of Fate
Searching for a new nest, Françoise faces, by pure chance, a photography of a House for sale that doesn’t match anything we were seeking for; situated far from the sea, in a small village of unknown name, quite larger than intended, in need of a nearly complete restoration… but, no doubt: this is it! A visit was scheduled and we met the owner, Mr. G.L., artist (painter) who is already convinced that the Cardoso couple will become the next owner of the building, guessing they would surrender their hearts and souls to its odd characteristics. While the meeting is going on, Luiz Filipe refers that Françoise usually achieves her objectives, as when she was searching for her origins … this because she had managed to discover the history of her mother, Andrée RICHARD, the only female organist at Notre Dame de Paris, assistant to Léonce de SAINT MARTIN and Pierre COCHEREAU. General amazement when Mr. G.L. exclaims: “But I had known very well her mother, Mrs. RICHARD, at the Notre Dame Cathedral! … For sure, Mrs. Cardoso, this cannot be the work of chance, this House was waiting for you! “. The negotiation is completed and the property sale contract is signed. This was the start of 5 and half years of hard work for the full restoration of the property, performed by the couple and by local artisans. You can see the photos that document the history of the restoration … This will be the ambitioned family home “christened” by a cousin with the name of “La Quinta”.

A Huge House
A pleasant environment, very comfortable in its interior but, as family and friends just appear from time to time, for the Cardoso’s to live there just by themselves … the House is too huge … too empty …

A Trip to our Home
Meet people and, perhaps, make new friends while enjoying a welcome drink or sharing a meal, discover this region led by the host, read a good book, in the garden, under the shade of the teil-trees, taste a digestive drink seating in front of the fireplace while absorbing the changes arising in the world, play the piano, start a new day with a generous breakfast served in the sunny terrace … whatever, just enjoy the feeling of “being in La Quinta, we are at home”.